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Replace your water thirsty lawn with California friendly plants.

Here's "HOW" you can get involved in our Lawn Be Gone program! HOWs are FREE Hands on Workshops where you learn hands on how to create a beautiful sustainable landscape.

LADWP Turf Removal
Rebate Information
LADWP California Friendly
Landscape Incentive Program

APPLY to be a Host
for a Lawn Be Gone
Hands on Workshop (HOW)*

to attend a FREE
Lawn Be Gone Workshop

*We have a special limited time offer for LADWP homeowners who will open their homes to host a Hands on Workshop. If chosen, we will design, prep, and install your garden at a very reduced cost. Space is limited.

Get paid to convert to a California Friendly landscape and save water!

  • LADWP's Cash in Your Lawn program through SoCal WaterSmart will pay you to convert to a California Friendly Landscape! The current rebate for LADWP residential customersis $2.00 per square feet. Fill out the rebate form online.

    LADWP will also pay you for other water saving devices you install (e.g., rain barrels, water wise irrigation).

The benefits of California Friendly Landscapes:

  • Converting an average lawn of 1,000 sq. ft. results in a daily water savings of 80 gallons per day per household.  Based upon an average daily household water use of 350 gallons, this will result in a 23% reduction in water use!

  • Rain barrels and other tools capture and use rainwater as an onsite resource.  

  • These "ocean friendly" gardens keep our oceans clean by reducing transmission of polluted urban runoff into waterways.

  • Efficient irrigation systems eliminate dry weather runoff- saving water and reducing runoff pollution.

  • Planting California friendly plants creates beautiful habitat that attracts butterflies, birds, and other local wildlife to your garden.

  • They require less maintenance, which saves you time and money!

LADWP Community Partnership

SELVA International is pleased to continue in our efforts to improve water conservation through another Non-Profit Community Partnership Outreach Grant from the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (LADWP). This grant is in partnership with SELVA, LADWP, and Surfrider's Ocean Friendly Gardens (OFG).

The goal is to increase the number of residents who apply for the LADWP California Friendly Landscapes and SoCal Water$mart rebates and complete California Friendly Landscape (CFL) conversions. We focus on an ecological approach that includes Surfrider’s OFG program of conservation, permeability, and water retention; planting locally appropriate California native plants to enhance habitat value; and soil remediation to recreate living soil ecosystems that work better to infiltrate and hold water, sequester carbon, and sustain plant life through promotion of healthy soil micro/macro organisms. This means that we're helping to bring back a healthier, natural habitat to our urban environment.

We are proud of our previous Non-Profit Community Partnership Outreach Grant from the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (LADWP) to improve water conservation throughout Los Angeles and to implement community outreach and education activities to help LA residents convert their water thirsty grass to drought tolerant California friendly landscapes. Past partnerships included the Green Gardens Group (G3), the LA Beautification Team, the Neighborhood Council Sustainability Alliance, and Mack Consulting.

For SELVA's nonproft sustainable landscape services, please visit our EcoGardens page.

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