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Earth Day Run-a-thon
Hosted by the Go Green Club and the Revere PE Department.

Run-a-thon Collection Envelopes Due Wed, May 4th

Don't forget that the Earth Day Run-a-thon collection envelopes are due this Wednesday, May 4th. You may turn them into the Main Office or Student Store. Make sure that your name, PE teacher, PE period, and collection amount are clearly marked on the outside of the sealed envelope.

If you need another pledge form or envelope, you may get one across from the girls or boys locker room. If you have any other questions, please contact Ms. Chen in the girls PE office.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011
Paul Revere Middle School
(PE Area)

The goal of of the Earth Day Run-a-thon is to raise environmental awareness and funds for environmental charities, environmental programs on campus, and the student body at Revere.

Raise funds and earn community service credit! Donations are tax-deductible, and proceeds benefit charities and the students at Revere. We will also use funds to plants trees around campus.

1) Get sponsors to pledge a flat rate or a specific amount for each checkpoint you reach (approx. 1/4 of a mile). Example: If Sally sponsors Peter for $2 per lap, and Peter reaches 10 checkpoints, then Sally will donate $20. Please do not solicit door to door. Use the sponsor form.

2) Show up at your PE class ready to run.

3) Run to as many checkpoints as you can.

4) Collect and submit the funds you raise to the Student Store or Main Office by Wednesday, May 4th.

Looking for community service?
You must participate in the event. Community service credit
will be given as follows:

  • $20 collected = 1 hour community service
  • $40 collected = 2 hours community service
  • $60 collected = 3 hours community service
  • $80 collected = 4 hours community service
  • $100 collected = 5 hours community service

Additional incentives:
You must participate in the event.

  • $25 collected = FREE Dress Pass
  • $50 collected = FREE Mile Pass
  • $100 collected = FREE Dress Pass, FREE Mile Pass, + FREE Popsicle

For more information, please contact Katy Anastasi at klanastasi@yahoo.com or Ms. Chen in the girls PE office.

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The Go Green Club at Paul Revere Middle School is dedicated to the conservation of our natural resources. Members are responsible for spreading the word about the importance of protecting the environment, organizing "green" events such as campus beautification, and raising money to support environmental charities. The Go Green Club is dedicated to promoting a "green" lifestyle.

Contact Ms. Chen at Paul Revere if you would like more information! Club activities may fulfill community service hours.

Join the Go Green Club on facebook!

SELVA is a sponsor of the Go Green Club. SELVA is a nonprofit organization that provides website design and maintenance, graphic and video creation, environmental consulting, and more to the club. It is our goal to increase awareness and promote ecological responsibility amongst our youth.


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