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{ Real Life + Real Conservation }
Experience real life in the Amazon. This is not a fancy "eco-lodge" vacation. This is the real deal for the adventurer interested in a true cultural immersion experience. You will work alongside members of indigenous communities and SELVA scientists in conserving endangered species. Your volunteer trip will directly support the people you will work and live with.

21, 15, or 10 Days in the Bolivian Amazon

• Visit one of the most biodiverse and remote places in the world, Parque Nacional Noel Kempff Mercado (PNNKM) in Bolivia, (a UNESCO Natural Heritage site).
• Gain hands on experience in scientific research of critically endangered turtles.
• Visit and hike to world famous, spectacular natural landscapes.
• Support indigenous people, local education, and conservation programs.
• Experience Amazonian cultures by working and living with local people.
• Learn about conservation, biodiversity issues, and tropical ecology from project directors, Ph.D. ecologist Alison Lipman, and national park guards.
• Explore and participate in wildlife and bird watching.

Special details:

1) Not your typical tourist destination.
We'll visit some of the most remote places in the world that only we have access to.
Some travel will require extensive transport by private jeep and boat.

2) Help indigenous communities, and fund endangered species conservation.
You have the unique chance to see where your money goes. This groundbreaking program directly helps the people you will work and live with. This tourism package funds all project costs and local salaries. This also means that most of the price of the tour is tax-deductible. *Please consult with a tax advisor.

3) Expert Ph.D. ecologist tour guides.
Expert guides include:
Dr. Alison Lipman: project co-director, Ph.D. ecologist from the U.S.
, member of the IUCN/SSC Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle Specialist Group and the IUCN redlisting workgroup for South American turtles.
• Lisandro Sauceco Mendia: project co-director, PNNKM park guard for 10 years, head authority of the indigenous community of Porvenir.
other bilingual guides.

4) Limited space for a more specialized experience.
Due to the remote location and hands-on work with endangered turtles, we are limiting tour group sizes. This makes the experience more intimate, for the tourists, local people, and wildlife.

5) Cost of the tour includes everything (except a few meals during free time) for the entire trip, from the moment your plane lands until you are dropped off at the airport to return.

6) The real deal.
This tour package gives you the unique opportunity to experience real Amazon life and behind the scenes conservation. Tourists are not separated from locals, in eco-lodges or luxury hotels. Tourists live and eat in local accommodations and homes. This tour is not for everyone. It is for the adventure minded who wants a true cultural experience.

This adventurous experience involves travel to and living in remote areas where there may be little to no running water or electricity. Some activities (which may be opted out) may require an elevated level of fitness, such as hiking for up to 8 hours a day. Lodging inside the park and local communities includes rustic accommodations and tents. City accommodations are in upper scale hotels.

***Due to the specialized nature of this trip, we have limited spaces available. Book early for a large discount! For more travel information, contact us.

Please see our terms and conditions.

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Researching the Giant Amazon River Turtle

SELVA International is proud to present a one-of-a-kind experience and the only travel opportunity to visit and support conservation of Amazonian river turtles, including the critically endangered Giant Amazon River turtle, the largest freshwater turtle in the western hemisphere. This adventure, led by turtle expert Dr. Alison Lipman, is a pilot project for a new conservation model to protect these critically endangered species.

Be part of this ground-breaking project, which is a collaboration of the Bolivian national park system, U.S. ecologists, and local indigenous communities. This tourism package is set up as a source of funding that supports 100% of project costs and the livelihoods of local people.

"One of the most remarkable travel experiences I have ever had!"
-M.C., Los Angeles, California

Project collaborators:
• Noel Kempff Mercado National Park (Bolivia)
• Indigenous communities of the Bajo Paraguá (Bolivia)
• Turtle Conservation Fund (IUCN)
• Servicio Nacional de Áreas Protegidas (SERNAP) (Bolivian National Park Service)
• Fulbright (USA)
• The Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Foundation (USA)
• Odum School of Ecology, University of Georgia (USA)
• Fundación Noel Kempff Mercado (Bolivian NGO)



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